JETTRAC: Demarcation stands for indoor and outdoor use

>> The length of an entire BOEING 737 can be blocked off

Extremely strict safety regulations apply on the airfield. Only authorised personnel have access. Everything is precisely regulated and nothing is left to chance.

The processes on the airfield are clearly structured. Particularly in the areas used for parking, refuelling and aircraft maintenance, the time slots are tightly synchronised. At the same time, work safety is a top priority.

With the mobile and robust JETTRAC, the entire length of a BOEING 737 can be cordoned off.

2 x 25 metre belt length

Airport trolley belt system with 2x 25m belts for flexible use on the apron.


  • High weather resistance
  • Extremely long belt (2x 25m)
  • High visibility thanks to signal colours
  • High visibility thanks to signal colours
  • Very robust and stable

JETCART: Always quickly on the spot

All safety barriers always mobile

Quick demarcation of outdoor danger zones with 2x 25 m webbing, 10 pylons and up to 10 chocks.


  • Extremely long belts (2x 25m)
  • 10 pylons
  • 10 chocks
  • High weather resistance
  • High visibility thanks to signal colours
  • Mobile and flexible in use
  • Very robust trolley with smooth-running wheels

... overall, we are very satisfied with the quality of the products and your flexibility in responding to our (special) requests. We especially appreciate their competence and support ...

Flughafen München GmbH

Via Guide - always on the safe side


>> Post with barrier tape

BELTRAC is your reliable and flexibly adaptable belt system: up to 6000 variants are possible!


>> Noble demarcation stand with cord

Our TRADITIONAL series combines people guidance systems with design: luxurious cord posts for classic museum use or elegant VIP barriers are also part of our range.


>> Partition wall system

Discover the mobile partition system optionally with doors to flexibly and easily rearrange different rooms at any time.


>> Frames, Signs, Post Caps

From attachment frames for telescopic posts to the rollable display, these extensions create orientation for passengers, visitors and customers - even in unclear areas.

The optimized overall process - from the first minute to the finish

Via Guide are the only providers of a complete and integrated solution that can offer everything from a single source. From barrier posts to sensor-based fully automatic triggering swing doors to virtual queuing applications, our integrated overall concept guides your guests every step of the way.

The goal is to provide you with unique control and efficient management of all flow processes as well as flows of people, whilst creating an optimised service and waiting experience for all guests.

Do you have any questions about JETTRAC/JETCART?

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VIA GUIDE specialises in the development and production of visitor guidance systems. From the very beginning, we have relied on Germany as a production location, so that we can guarantee you a high standard of quality. Our demarcation stands are one of the classic products in our range. They offer the advantage that they can be used flexibly and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Our demarcation stands can be flexibly combined with the other products in our range.

What benefits do demarcation stands have?

Depending on the final location, there are various aspects that speak in favour of using the demarcation stands. On the one hand, you can use them to optimise queues and organise capacity controls. On the other hand, they can also be used to prevent accidents. For example, individual areas that are not absolutely safe can be cordoned off. This makes the demarcation stands a popular basic for use in production halls and warehouses. Demarcation stands take the strain off employees and ensure that areas can be specifically prevented from being accessed by third parties. However, they are also practical if you want to stop the flow of visitors in a targeted manner, for example because you want to record information or keep a record of how long your visitors stay.

Our benefits for your company

If you are looking for demarcation stands, you can now choose from a wide range of different products. We will support you safely and competently right from the start. Our demarcation stands are mobile and can therefore be used anywhere in the room. However, you can also opt for systems that are permanently installed. In this case, we not only put together the individual components for you, but are also the right contact for professional installation and maintenance. Would you like to find out more? Then get in touch with our employees now.