Via Guide - Physical, electronic and virtual visitor guidance systems for optimal control of customer flows

Via Guide is a leading manufacturer and supplier of people and visitor guidance systems and barrier solutions as well as electronic information and security systems ensuring optimal customer flow across retail, public facilities, airports and more.
Our solutions guarantee optimised queues, enhanced capacity controls and various information collection options, such as people counting or the recording of visitor dwell times.

6First class service

Service is a matter of course for us and an important part of our quality promise to you, as the needs of our customers always take centre stage - even AFTER the purchase. If you have any questions, we are always available for you.

7Wide range of products

Our Beltrac system has up to 6,000 configurable options. Belt length, belt colour, the colour of the post and the installation or fastening method can be freely selected.
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8Europe-wide sales network

Over the years, we have been able to build up an Europe-wide sales network, so that we can certainly offer you a contact partner in your area.


Wir produzieren, verpacken und lagern Alles im Herzen Deutschlands und dürfen somit mit Fug und Recht behaupten, bei uns ist es wirklich Made in Germany

Themes focus

The strictest security rules apply on the airfield, with only authorized personnel having access. Everything is clearly regulated, the procedures are rigorous and nothing is left to chance.

The processes on the airfield are clearly structured. Every move has to be right. Maximum reliability of all resources in the process is required here. Especially in the areas designated for parking, refuelling and maintenance of aircraft, the time windows are tightly scheduled and, at the same time, occupational safety must be given the highest priority. Time pressure is in natural conflict with safety because, as a rule, speed also means increased risk.

At Via Guide, we have specialised precisely in airport security for the past 20 years. Whether it’s the efficient handling of passengers in the terminal, at the security check or protection on the airfield this is where we excel and exactly what our solutions are made for.

With Via Guide you are always on the safe side.

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