TRADITIONAL: Exclusive barrier and people guidance

>> Classic elegance for museums and VIP areas

Large selection of barriers with cordons of the highest quality and durability. Discover optimal products for VIP barriers, barriers in museums and for other occasions. Ensure targeted guidance of people and enhance the exclusivity of your venue.

TRADITIONAL: Your advantages and options

  • Wide variety of materials from chrome to brass to real wood
  • Large selection of colored polypropylene & velvet cords
  • Many variations for the perfect elegance
  • Clip-on frames in chrome, brass, satin and acrylic glass each A4 + A3 in portrait and landscape format can be added
  • Wall mounts available in chrome, brass and satin

Discreet and elegant distance solutions with barrier cords. Our bestseller MUSEUM has proven itself 1,000 times over.

Clear visitor guidance with a suitable design. Whether LUXOR, STYLE or CROWN - the right delineator post with many different barrier cords manages the balancing act between function and design.

VIP lockdown and more.

The classic cord post is indispensable for delimiting exclusive areas. Our cordoned bollards have been a part of every high-ranking VIP area for decades. We therefore call our suitable solution TRADITIONAL.

Variations cord posts


>> Representative and elegant


>> Posts can be combined with cord and frame


>> Posts can be combined with a cord


>> Posts can be combined with a cord

Via Guide is characterized by a very high level of competence as well as excellent support in all areas of consulting, planning, installation, operation and after-sales service.

Patrick Thom, M. AVIMA
Head of Terminal Operations and Customer Service Management

Via Guide - always on the safe side


>> Post with barrier tape

BELTRAC is your reliable and flexibly adaptable belt system: up to 6000 variants are possible!


>> Transporter for demarcation stands

Easily transport and store belt posts. The SHUTTLETRAC post transporter is the optimal addition for your people guidance systems.


>> Partition wall system

Discover the mobile partition system optionally with doors to flexibly and easily rearrange different rooms at any time.


>> Frames, Signs, Post Caps

From attachment frames for telescopic posts to the rollable display, these extensions create orientation for passengers, visitors and customers - even in unclear areas.

The optimized overall process - from the first minute to the finish

Via Guide are the only providers of a complete and integrated solution that can offer everything from a single source. From barrier posts to sensor-based fully automatic triggering swing doors to virtual queuing applications, our integrated overall concept guides your guests every step of the way.

The goal is to provide you with unique control and efficient management of all flow processes as well as flows of people, whilst creating an optimised service and waiting experience for all guests.

Do you have any questions about TRADITIONAL?

Contact us - we will be happy to inform you about the possibilities of TRADITIONAL.

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It can be useful to cordon off individual areas at events as well as in museums and other exhibition areas. On the one hand, of course, the aim is to emphasize the desired clarity in the definition of the areas, but on the other hand, the elegant overall appearance should not be impaired. Our cord stands are a reliable and flexible solution. Developed and manufactured in Germany, they impress on the one hand with their timelessly elegant design and on the other with their high quality standard, which is reflected in both the materials used and the workmanship.

Rely on our promise

The cord stands available from us are not only of impressive quality, but also stand out thanks to our excellent service: We provide you with durable products that will accompany you reliably for years to come. Our cord stands are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and water power from the tube. This has enabled us to optimize our CO2 footprint during production. We are convinced of the quality of our products and therefore offer you a five-year guarantee.

Cord stands are flexible barrier technology that can be easily moved and set up at different points in the room. We generally provide you with systems that suit you 100 percent and offer you the greatest possible benefit.

We will be happy to advise you

Our cord stands can be adapted to your needs and, above all, your ideas in just a few simple steps. The colors and shapes as well as the dimensions are variable. If you are unsure whether the available cord stands are the right solution for your needs, you can rely on us! We will be happy to advise you.